Dear Rosa, the long-awaited letter from you arrived today. Both fit very well and I feel really comfortable in them!!! Thank you for your advice and the relaxed, feel-good atmosphere when trying it out! Kind regards from Elke

Dear Rosa,
the package arrived today. I'm excited!! Everything fits wonderfully and is exactly how I wanted it. The velvet skirt is particularly successful. Thank you for this beautiful work. Great color, really nice cut (very special) and fits like a glove!
I'm thrilled again. Thank you! Doris

Dear Rosa,
I have received the shipment and am very happy with the new Tango fashion. Thank you very much! Have a good start to the new week and a great time. Best wishes, Misao

Dear Rosa, the skirt and top have arrived and fit well. I'm very happy, thank you very much and see you soon. Greetings from Birte

Hello and good day dear Rosa,
The catalogue arrived and it exceeded my expectations! Great! I (and my friends) really like the 50s-style drawings and the interactive design options. It feels like I'm back in my childhood when I still played with the dress-up dolls ;-)
I put out the nice business cards at the tango class - they were all gone straight away :-) I hope that you will receive orders accordingly. Many greetings from Lake Constance, Barbara

Dear Rosa, how beautiful! The dress arrived today - it looks exactly as I imagined! Thank you so much! Ute

Dear Rosa,
I've wanted to write to you for a long time, but I'm only able to do it now. In December I was in your studio with my girlfriend and chose a black skirt and a red top. I was able to inaugurate it at a New Year's Eve milonga. I really like it and have gotten compliments on it. Thank you for sewing it so beautifully and individually according to my wishes, especially the skirt with all the details. The fabric is also wonderfully light and flowing.
I'm going on a tango trip to Argentina in March, and I'm happy that I can now take such pretty and appropriate equipment with me. I can highly recommend you!! Continued inspiration and joy in your work! Kind regards Regina

Dear Rosa, you have fulfilled our hopes. It was made even better by the fact that it is a wonderfully fitting, well-cut two-piece suit that Silke feels "completely at home" in. So once again: thank you very much, you hardly find anything like that these days.
We wish you a wonderful new year, both privately and professionally. Peter

Dear Rosa,
I got the dress today and I'm very pleased! It fits perfectly, looks great and is well made! I'm very happy with it! Thank you very much, Irina

Dear Rosa, the new outfit arrived yesterday. I really like the green top! An absolute favorite. Anne

Hello Rose,
I 'danced in' my new things yesterday. All I can say is: “Simply great!”. You put your clothes on, everything fits there and the way it should be and nothing slips when you dance. You can dance in a relaxed manner, without constantly checking and fidgeting.
In addition, you also look very good in your clothes - I was asked to do so many times yesterday.  Thanks!!!!! Michele

Hello dear Rosa,
The postwoman just brought your package. Everything fits great and looks very good. I'm glad I let myself be persuaded to do a two-parter. I can now combine the chic top in other ways. A great summer dress, not just for dancing. Thank you very much, Astrid

Dear Rosa, but it's always nice to receive mail about beautiful tango dresses! :-)) By the way, I took our meeting at the film premiere the other day as an opportunity to take my dress from you out again - it was a complete success, I didn't sit for longer than a tango that evening. :-) Kind regards, Anna

Hello Rosa,
the dress has arrived. It fits great and looks good. At first I was surprised that it seemed more noticeable than I thought, but then I got used to the glitter effect. My son and husband think it's great too. This is now the third thing I have ordered from you. I'm really satisfied. Thank you. I will then transfer the amount. Kind regards Simone

Dear Rosa,
That was a quick delivery and the dress does everything as promised was: good quality, looks great and I feel comfortable in the dress. Yesterday evening I was able to put it into action. Thank you very much, that convinced me. See you soon Christina

Dear Rosa!
The dress turned out great. I wore it last night and got a lot of admiration  It's simply much better to dance in a beautiful dress than in everyday clothes. Thank you very much! I will of course lay out your cards.  Many greetings from Dusseldorf.  iris
PS: If I manage it, I'll have my photo taken with it soon. Then I'll send you a photo of your work.

Dear Rosa,
Thank you very much for sending me the dress. Everything arrived safely. The dress fits perfectly and I will be wearing it for the first time on my birthday. Together with the red shoes it is sure to be an eye-catcher. Thank you very much for your work and effort. I will put the flyers out in the dance studio where we are currently learning tango.
Best regards, Birgit
Dear Rosa, Pants arrived, fits perfectly! Very comfortable & chic!  Thank you very much! Advertising laid out. (but there were already a few cards from you ;-) Best wishes, Tanja

Dear Rosa, after sleepless nights (did I really measure correctly?) I was a little shocked when I received the envelope with the dress on Saturday. There's supposed to be a dress in there ??? When I opened the shipment - wow! What a beautiful piece! My husband just said "gigantic". Thank you for your quick and clean work. Kind regards, Tanja

Hello!! Thank you!! The items have just arrived. The items fit perfectly - I would definitely recommend them. I will come back to you if I need to... gladly, gladly!! I am glad to have found you on the internet ... By the way: the red is just great - the fabric is a poem with this shimmer... Made into a dress ;).. I hope you have it in stock for a while... There is a lot of interest here:) Greetings, Dorina

Dear Rosa!
Yesterday and the day before yesterday I tested the new outfit at 2 chamber concerts. I have another problem: the top is cut quite short, I have a very long torso. When I'm in action, it always rides up a little and curls up, revealing a bit of its belly. That shouldn't happen on stage! Would it be possible to exchange the top handle for one that is 10cm longer? Or could you add 10cm to mine at the bottom? It would be great if we could fix the problem!! Kind regards, Antonia

Hello Rosa Tangomode,
Thank you very much for the dress I received this weekend! It fits just great and my husband took his breath away! Am so happy!!

Dear Rosa, thank you very much for the quick delivery of the pants! They fit perfectly and I am sure that I will wear them to many beautiful milongas. I have tried out a lot of tango clothing, but I have to tell you honestly that I still feel most comfortable on the dance floor in your fabrics and cuts...Best wishes, Romy

Hello Rose,
Yes, your package with the wonderful and matching tango outfits has arrived. I am very happy. Thank you for your excellent, creative design of the clothes and I will think of you every time I wear them. Best wishes, Sigrid and Peter

Dear Rosa, The dress has arrived, fits like a glove and looks very beautiful. I'm looking forward to wearing it. Thank you very much! Best wishes from Kerstin

Hello Rose,
"The things" have arrived, I like them and they fit: -)) Great!! They really are beautiful!! Thank you very much for your cooperation and your effort.
Until next time ;-) Gudrun

Dear Rosa,
The pants arrived yesterday and were worn yesterday evening at a Practica and brought me a few compliments and inquiries. Your business cards have been placed, so if you get inquiries from the border triangle in the future, you'll know how it came about ;-).

Hello Rosa, Hurray... everything went wonderfully!!! The dress and the accessories arrived on time. Wonderful: - ) ) Thank you very much for your effort. And everything fits perfectly and looks fantastic. Super ... . Great!!! Thank you very much. Until next time. Best wishes, Gudrun

Dear Rosa,
It's been a while since the dress arrived, but I still wanted to give you feedback. It fits perfectly! Thank you so much for sewing it so quickly! Sabine

Dear Rosa,
Thank you so much for taking so much time for us last Saturday. We had a lot of fun and found your little outfit treasure chest to be a wonderful addition. Best wishes to Berlin, Bettina
PS I'll definitely see you again on my next visit to Berlin!