Are you a tango professional and would you like to have a unique tango dress made for your performance?

then you are with me at the right address. I have been dancing tango argentino myself since 1989 and have been working independently with my atelier in berlin for 24 years now.

i studied fashion design in düsseldorf and worked for different theaters in berlin during my early days. I know exactly what a successful stage presence is deciding.

but most of the time you know that as a tango professional and ambitious amateur dancer as well and it is about having your ideas translated into reality. drawings, photos, videos, or films can serve as suggestions.

the price for a basic model is 600, - € and includes the material costs for a sample of our fabrics. the preliminary discussion, trials and modifications will be charged separately. our creations are brought to life ethically fair and with certified materials in the berliner atelier.