…. hard to believe …… my studio for tango fashion in berlin has existed for exactly 20 years. from october 1999 to 2011 at thomasstrasse 75 in berlin neukölln, and from 2012 to today at wissmannstrasse 4, centrally at hermannplatz, on the border of berlin neukölln and berlin kreuzberg.

creative with you for 20 years

in conversation with dancers, my textile creations are initially created as visions. i compress material and style into a very individual form that moves a person through the room to a certain kind of music, and at the same time is carried by this form itself. people, music, movement and space come together in the dance, this unity manifests itself in the creations that i create.

through the discussions, influences from outside and inside are always present in the process of drafting my designs. i analyze this very carefully in order to allow the various impressions to flow in, to integrate them and to express them with creative ideas. this process runs through the entire development and can be rediscovered in my designs.

another important component is involved in the implementation of the developed design, the current moment. creativity only works currently. a dress designed today would look very different tomorrow.  i cannot lock my personal situation and feel out of my work. only where i take place, together with my cultural background, my biography and under the influence of the current current, can my art take place.

i try and optimize new manufacturing techniques in connection with the material textile and study new processes to make my art visible in digital space. this includes hardware components such as a camera, video, smartphone, computer and experiments with the associated software. i try a lot and soon reject it. everything is subject to constant change. whatever i have done in my life so far, i have often been able to adapt some of it for my artistic work.

my constantly changing collection can be seen in my berlin studio. i appreciate the direct contact to the people who wear my clothes and it is important to me to advise you professionally on your choice regarding shape, material and color.

there is also a purely virtual area in which my work is present. a woman decides alone in front of her screen with the help of the online configurator and my online advice for a completely individual composition. with a high probability this turns out differently as if it had come to berlin in “real life” and would have given your ideas a stylish form in a completely different setting. the result of the online configuration is not better or worse. it pays homage to modern times.

creative with you for 20 years. many many thanks!

rosa tripp, fashion designer and dancer